Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Suggested Teams

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 came out recently and everyone’s posting their teams of heroes. I haven’t been able to get to the game yet but plan on getting it soon. I’ve seen some pretty good teams but I’ve seen some absurd ones as well. Ive seen a few that had multiple Spider-men/ women, which is cool but they’re basically all the same. I saw one that had night crawler, that’s right, fucking night crawler, I’m serious. So I thought I’d list off some good teams in my mind based on knowledge of the comics previous games/ So without further ado, without having actually played the game, here’s some EB Andrew teams of hero’s.

Team1: Gods Among Men

  • Thor- Thor is the strength of the avengers (besides the hulk) but there’s really no reason to have Thor and hulk on the same team. (Except that they’re cool.)
  • Black panther- Fast, agile, cool, perfect fit for this team
  • Spider-man- JUST ONE that can serve as speed/ ranged
  • Scarlett witch- another ranged attacker but with more powerful attacks

Team 2: High Horse Tier

  • Thor- Thunder and Muscle
  • Hulk- Muscle and Muscle
  • Thing- more muscle
  • Scarlett Witch-mind muscle

Team 3: Speedy

  • Spider-Man- quick, ranged
  • Black panther- quick, high tech
  • Wolverine- slashing through enemies
  • Captain America- Faster than most high strength characters and still decent enough to tank through enemies

Team 4: The Easy One

  • Captain marvel
  • Captain marvel
  • Captain marvel
  • Captain marvel
    I mean who else do you need?

There you have it, without playing the game or really knowing any of the characters in it, these are my top picks for any marvel teams.

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