Deaths Gambit Review: A Dream of a Game

Talk about an old school rpg, this side scrolling adventure is essentially dark souls, and it’s great. Instead of writing some long drawn out review that no ones going to read (Yeah, you, you know how it goes.) I’m just going to real it down to a few pros and cons.


  • Gameplay: In my opinion, gameplay is king when it comes to games. The gameplay in this game is great, subtle play forming meets challenging boss fights. Resting at death idols as checkpoints, leveling up your stats, learning new skills,a large metroidvania style map. Any gamer that likes challenging metroidvania is foaming at the mouth for this game, it’s everything they love.
  • Story: Behind it all is a somewhat sad story of a boy looking for his mother, with the gift of immortality from death as he slays the immortals and seeks to end the immortal curse of the world
  • Boss Fights: Real talk, the Thalmus boss fight is scary as shit, and I love it. The boss fights in this game are more than just random button pressing, they’re strategic in their timing and execution, which makes gameplay all the more better.


  • Difficulty- Difficulty is a big turnoff for some, and this game can be really, frustratingly hard. The game throws harder enemies and bosses at you and if you don’t learn as you play, you don’t win. I love it, but some might not.
  • Confusion- There were only a few areas, but they were still there, where I thought, “Where the hell do I go now?” Usually it was my fault for being stupid, but I can see others having that problem.
  • Platinum trophy (PS4) – The platinum trophy in ps4 requires you to beat the game in under 4 hours without leveling up. As you can imagine, that’s a daunting task, that many, (including me) likely won’t a achieve.

Verdict: Worth the money.

I love this game, but it could be a turnoff to some more casual players. Definitely recommended for any soulsborne, metroidvania lovers.

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