The Division 2 Difficulty

Can we talk about the division 2 for a sec? Ok, I played the shit out of the division 1, and I did it alone. (Because I don’t have any friends.) so all the story missions and post game dark zone stuff, I did it all solo. I really liked the game, it’s like high tech Socom, so I get the division 2, with the intent of playing it alone.

Holy shit. I can’t last ten feet into a single player mission, I mean damn. There’s matchmaking for each mission, which is nice, especially because you’ll need it to get anywhere, but it’s kind of a turn off for me that you just can’t play this game solo. You can try, but you’ll probably die before you even get to the story missions and respawn across the map.

The thing is though, I still like the game. I like the side missions, I like the multiplayer options, I like all of it. I just wish it could be tweaked a little. Still, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to play this game solo, other than the developers didn’t want you to, which I really don’t get.


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