Wolfenstein II Platinum Trophy

What the hell. I mean I’ve seen my fair share of difficult platinum trophies, but what the hell. Not only do you have to complete this already near impossible on normal game on the hardest difficulty, but you have to do it WITHOUT DYING? What?! That’s like punching you in the face and then making […]

Crash Bandicoot Deserved Better

Crash Bandicoot, released for the PlayStation in 1994, was a great platformer as were the two games that followed. The recently released N. Sane Trilogy and Crash Team Racing remakes are a great reminder that many people still love this character and these games, and it only makes you wonder what could of been. I’m […]

The Division 2 Difficulty

Can we talk about the division 2 for a sec? Ok, I played the shit out of the division 1, and I did it alone. (Because I don’t have any friends.) so all the story missions and post game dark zone stuff, I did it all solo. I really liked the game, it’s like high […]

Physical vs Digital Games

I can’t explain it, but sometimes you just have to have a physical game. You want to hold it in your hand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big believer in the digital revolution, but sometimes you just have to have it physical. Every gamer knows what I’m talking about. That feeling of, “This ones […]

Crash Team Racing Difficulty

Dude, what the hell. I mean, I get wanting to make a game difficult, I do, but couple that with a racing game? Just….. FUCK. I beat my first, my FIRST, N. Tropy time trial today in Roos tubes, one of my favorite maps, and the oxide time is like 15 seconds slower? Just, no. […]

Deaths Gambit Review: A Dream of a Game

Talk about an old school rpg, this side scrolling adventure is essentially dark souls, and it’s great. Instead of writing some long drawn out review that no ones going to read (Yeah, you, you know how it goes.) I’m just going to real it down to a few pros and cons. Pros: Gameplay: In my […]