PC Gaming

Recently, I officially sold my PlayStation 4 and my Nintendo switch systems to get a gaming laptop. I did this because I decided I was tired of constraints and limitations from common game consoles. With my laptop, I can play anything, listen to anything, watch anything, it’s the best machine I could ask for.
I settled on an acer nitro 5, it’s not spectacular but it’s enough to run anything I need to play, the most demanding games I can run on at least medium. I do plan to build my own pc in the future, but for now the laptop will do just fine. I have an external HDD that I’m storing games on, and speakers set up in my room. It’s a pretty sweet set up, and I’m glad I don’t have to be held back by limitations of eight year old gaming consoles.
I used to be very against gaming PCs, but I’ve seen I was wrong. Every time someone would mention gaming on a pc I would roll my eyes and think “who does that?” In reality, it is the superior way to play. Just think, every aspect of the system is customizable, you cN use controllers, and you’re not held back by the limitations of consoles. Gaming PCs have come a long way, and in my opinion, and probably in fact, are the superior way to play games.

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