Crash Team Racing Difficulty

Dude, what the hell. I mean, I get wanting to make a game difficult, I do, but couple that with a racing game? Just….. FUCK. I beat my first, my FIRST, N. Tropy time trial today in Roos tubes, one of my favorite maps, and the oxide time is like 15 seconds slower? Just, no.

Hard mode:

on easy the other karts as fast as you, on medium the other karts faster than you, on hard the other karts are… you’re just fucked.

Time trials:

I thought time trials would be alright, I’m good at boosting, I know the shortcuts. I was wrong. Some, or most of the time trials are near impossible if you’re only a “hardcore” player of specifically Crash team racing. No, to perfect this game and beat the time trials you will need to devote a good two weeks of your life to mastering its techniques.


I mean, I love this game, I’m addicted to it, but damn, if you want to be good, like even someone good, there is no room for error whatsoever. Which I guess makes it an enjoyable kart racer that many will stick with. That platinum trophy or %100 completion though, good luck. I have a feeling many, including me, won’t be getting that.


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